Blockchain with
No Gas Fee

Strength Points


No Gas Fees

Gas fees have been a major obstacle for adoption. Because of the cost, developers were not able to entirely utilize blockchain to its fullest potential.


Blazing Fast

Yooldo Verse is a Layer2 protocol built on top of Oasys blockchain which is specialized for gaming with extremely high volume of transactions.


Various Use Cases

Powered by Yooldo Verse, experience all from web3 games to its platform and more!

Comparison with other Blockchains

Traditional BlockchainYooldo Verse
Gas Fees
High gas fees, which can make it expensive to play games or conduct transactions on the blockchainZero gas fees, which makes it more affordable to play games and conduct transactions on the blockchain
Can be limited by the underlying consensus mechanismMore scalable, as they are designed to handle a higher volume of transactions
Highly decentralized, as they are not controlled by any single entityIt depends on games, features and developers

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